Why Would a Guy Shower You With Attention Then Ignore You? Here is What You Really Need to Know

Why Would a Guy Shower You With Attention Then Ignore You? Here is What You Really Need to Know


Picture this: there’s this guy who seems head over heels for you. You go out a couple of times and things are starting to look really great when suddenly, he stops calling. Girls have been boggled about this guy behavior for years, when he seems really interested at first and then all of a sudden he goes missing in action.

Now you might ask what could be the reason why he suddenly starts ignoring you. Here are the possible answers.

He is afraid to show how crazy he is about you

The last thing that a guy would want to realize is that he’s slowly becoming vulnerable to one woman. He might have been hurt in the past that’s why he doesn’t want to let you know that he is crazy about you. It’s just him having a great fear of getting hurt again.

Something might have ticked him off

Reevaluate the last date you had, before he stopped calling. There might be a reason why he suddenly turned cold. It is possible that you mentioned the words marriage and commitment and these, in turn, scared him away. He also might not have liked the way you treated the waiter at the restaurant. This only goes to say that you should be careful with the way you act at all times.

He starts to really like you and has turned stiff

Some guys are really shy and they end up not knowing how to act around you. Your guy might suddenly realize that he likes you and does not know now how to treat you. To him, it would be better to ignore you rather than to go out of his shell and strike a conversation.

He already got what he wanted from you

This guy might have been using you right from the start. Do not be surprised when after you have sex, he starts to ignore you. This might be the only thing he is after all the time. Jerks as they are, a lot of women still fall for them, hence, they continue to thrive in the dating environment.

He thinks you’re not interested

Another reason why he might be ignoring you is the thought that you’re not interested in him at all. Being around you might be hard for him because he thinks he cannot have you. In order to prevent this from happening, tell him from the onset that you like him. Men aren’t good with mind reading so better show him that you care, early on.

He might be the one playing hard to get

Guys also play this fun game. He might be playing hard to get in order to give you a difficult time. This might be his test in order to see if you really like him.

He found another girl

Don’t feel bad but this actually happens. He might have lost interest in you because he found someone else. Find out if he is actually dating someone new so you don’t end up making a fool of yourself.

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